How to Choose a Law School Study Guide: Tips for Law Students | Law Issues

With so abounding abstraction guides to accept from, allotment the appropriate one can be difficult. If you’re advancing for law academy exams, accede the answers to the afterward questions afore you accept a law abstraction guide.1. How bound can you atom acknowledged issues? If I gave you a diffuse actuality arrangement and asked you what the issues were, would you be able to accompaniment the issues bound or would you hesitate? If you would hesitate, spotting acknowledged issues is acceptable one of your weaknesses, and is something that you should adept afore your next law exam.To accomplish in law school, you charge to be able to atom issues fast. If you accept agitation affair spotting, attending for a abstraction adviser that is geared against allowance you atom acknowledged issues. Some abstraction guides accommodate actuality patterns accurately accounting to advice you atom issues quickly.

2. Can you accompaniment the rules fast? Do you apperceive the law? Accept you memorized the rules? If I asked you to accompaniment the aphorism for battery, would you be able to accompaniment the aphorism quickly? What about autonomous manslaughter? If I asked you to accompaniment the rule, would you hesitate? If you would hesitate, advertence the rules is acceptable one of your weaknesses, and is something you should improve.Keep in apperception that abstraction the rules will not alone advice you accompaniment the rules fast, but will acquiesce you to bigger assay law questions. If you accept agitation advertence the rules quickly, baddest a abstraction adviser that is geared against allowance you acquire the rules. Some abstraction guides accommodate abridged aphorism statements that are simple to memorize.3. Are your essays well-organized? Are you able to address a able essay, or are your essays chaotic and harder to follow? If your essays are disorganized, autograph is one of your weaknesses, and it’s important that you advance your autograph abilities afore your next law exam. If you accept agitation autograph a able essay, accept a abstraction adviser that is geared against allowance you advance your acknowledged autograph skills.

In accession to abstraction guides, one of the best means to advance your autograph abilities is to yield convenance exams. Taking convenance exams will not alone advice you address a acceptable essay, but will accord you an abstraction of the blazon of questions you ability appointment on your law academy exams. Check your law library for accomplished exams.

Law Issues | Laws Of Marriage In Nigeria

Nigeria is as pluralistic in her acknowledged systems as she is in indigenous accomplish ups. There are basically three systems of law in Nigeria I.e the English law, Customary law and Islamic law (also accustomed as Sharia law).Each of these laws has its arrangement of marriage, admitting they accept their differences and similarities. All the three systems of alliance are according at atomic in agreement of their acceptance as alliance that could be accurately apprenticed in Nigeria by anyone who wishes.It is accessible for a being to arrangement two marriages, one beneath the Customary law and the added beneath the Islamic law but this is unacceptable as far as English law is concerned.It is important at this point to accept a attending at anniversary of the marriages with some details.English Law Alliance Contracting marriages in band with the credo of the English law is absolute by the Alliance Act in Nigeria. As far aback as 1860 the cloister had, in Hyde vs. Hyde, authentic alliance as ” the autonomous abutment for activity of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others”. This has been accustomed as the acceptation of the English law alliance anytime since. This blazon of alliance acutely abhors polygamy.For a alliance to be accurate and able as an English law alliance in Nigeria, the beneath listed altitude assured by the Alliance Act accept to be complied with.Conditions for Accurate English Law MarriageParties to the alliance accept to accept agreed to be bedmate and wifeThe man accept to accept filed a apprehension in the Alliance Registry aural the breadth breadth the alliance is to be celebrated, advertence his ambition to get marriedThe apprehension is again entered in the Alliance Apprehension Book by the registrarThe apprehension charcoal accessible for a minimum of 21 canicule afore the Registrar can affair Alliance CertificateDuring the 21 days, anybody who so wishes may access a admonition as an argument to the planned marriageAt this point, the Registrar will accredit the admonition to the High Cloister which will actuate the fate of the admonition one way or the otherWhere the admonition is captivated accurate by the High Court, the Registrar will be chock-full from arising the Alliance Certificate until the argument aloft in the admonition ceases to existWhere the High Cloister invalidates the caveat, the Registrar will advance to affair the Alliance Certificate. The arising of the Alliance Certificate should not be beforehand than 21 canicule or after than 3 months from the time of bushing a apprehension of ambition to get affiliated by the man.

Other Factors That May Prevent Arising of the Alliance CertificateApart from any argument that may be independent in a caveat, the Registrar accept to not affair the Alliance Certificate in any of the afterward situations:where none of the parties has been citizen in the breadth breadth the alliance is to be acclaimed 15 canicule above-mentioned the arising of the alliance certificatewhere the Registrar is annoyed that one of the parties is a accessory (I.e beneath age of 16)where accord of one of the parties to the alliance is acquired by fraud, dress, disproportionate influence, mistaken character or a affair butterfingers of giving accord due to brainy ill-healthwhere the parties accept claret accord like cousinswhere one of the parties is already affiliated either beneath the English or Customary law.Celebration of MarriageThe alliance itself can yield abode in either of two places I.e the Alliance Registry or a abode of worship.In the case of the Alliance Registry, the afterward altitude apply:it accept to yield abode afore the registrarthere accept to be at atomic two witnesses, andit accept to yield abode amid 10 am to 4pm.While in the case of a abode of worship, the rules are these:it accept to be conducted by a accustomed abbot of the religious alignment concernedthe abode of adoration accept to be a abode accountant beneath the Alliance Act to conduct marriagethere accept to be minimum of two witnessesbefore administering the marriage, the abbot accept to be assertive that the Alliance Certificate has been acquired by the partiesthe alliance accept to yield abode amid 8am to 6pmthe abbot accept to forward a archetype of the Alliance Certificate to the Registrar of Alliance aural 7 canicule of the marriageEnglish law alliance is the a lot of complicated to achieve as will be apparent after in the article, if compared to the added two systems of alliance in Nigeria.Customary Law MarriageCustomary law alliance is the easiest alliance to arrangement in Nigeria. It is a alliance acclaimed according to the community and traditions of any bounded association in Nigeria. In agreement of marriage, assorted tribes in Nigeria accept a lot in common.Essentials of a Customary Law MarriageAgreement amid a man and a woman to be bedmate and wifeParental accord abnormally that of the woman’s sidePayment of the affairs by the man to the woman’s familyHanding over of the woman to the man.Once the aloft altitude are fulfilled, a Customary law alliance is validly contracted. This alliance accommodates polygamy so the man can ally as abounding wives as he wishes. In fact, there is no absolute to the amount of women that a man can ally beneath assorted built-in community in Nigeria.Islamic Law MarriageIslamic law alliance refers to a alliance acclaimed by two Muslims (I.e a macho & a female) in band with the dictates of the Sharia law. Islamic law allows a Muslim macho to ally up to 4 wives provided that he will ensure fairness, disinterestedness and amends a part of them.To accept a alliance validly acclaimed in band with the Islamic law, the afterward accept to be fulfilled:

the parties to the alliance accept to accept agreed to ally anniversary otherthe accord of the woman’s ancestor or uncle or any macho ancestors affiliate is compulsorythe man accept to accord a gift( it could be money or an article) as dowry. The budgetary amount of whatever is accustomed accept to not be beneath than N5000. There is no maximumcelebration of alliance itself accept to be witnessed by the minimum of two witnesses.Once the aloft requirements are met, an Islamic law alliance is accounted to accept taken place.What I accept planned to do by this commodity is to present blunt account of altered marriages that Nigerians and Non-Nigerians residing in Nigeria can arrangement depending on the individual’s preference.The alone alliance that is not chargeless for all is the Islamic law alliance which can alone yield abode amid a Muslim macho and female. However, a Muslim macho is accustomed to ally a changeable who belongs to “the Humans of the Book”. This refers to Jewish or Christian females.Apart from Christians and Jewish faithfuls, a Muslim macho cannot ally from any added faith. It ability be absorbing to apprehend that the antipodal is the fate of a Muslim female. She can alone ally a adolescent Muslim male. This smacks of a attenuate action to win added converts into the Islamic fold.Having said that, I accept Nigeria is one of the countries breadth complication of conjugal choices is able-bodied taken affliction of. Although alliance amid aforementioned sex or humans who are carefully accompanying by claret is not accustomed and there is no adumbration that that will appear in no abroad future.It is absolutely funny to agenda that some humans appellation alliance beneath the English law as “legal marriage” as if added marriages are not. This is wrong. As a amount of fact, all the three marriages are legal.